Coriolanus Royal Shakespeare Theatre
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Coriolanus comes to the Barbican as the first instalment of the RSC’s Roman season in a transfer from Stratford. Any production of this under-performed play from the peak of the playwright’s career is welco...
Lucia di Lammermor © 2017 ROH. Photograph Stephen Cumminskey
3.0★ ★ ★

Lucia di Lammermoor

This famous opera regained its place in the repertory thanks to the role it played in the careers of Callas and Sutherland. However, it is has sustained it because of the equipoise it creates between wildly Got...
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Thirty five years ago Insignificance was the breakthrough play of Terry Johnson, and from it came the film directed by Nicholas Roeg that is perhaps more familiar to us. How does it stand up today? The verdict ...
The Best Man - (c) Geraint Lewis
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The Best Man

There are not many plays around right now that get to the heart of the tensions and conflicts of the political process in the way that, for example, Ink brilliantly dissects the world of print journalism. So it...
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Richard III

Antic Disposition have honed the historical contextualization of Shakespeare to a fine art. After a remarkable tour of Henry V last year, they have done the same in 2017 with Richard III, taking in a series of ...
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Now I am alone

Themed anthologies of Shakespeare are an old and respected theatre genre: Ellen Terry toured with her personal version of Shakespearean heroines and her great-nephew, John Gielgud, remade his career internation...
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Bat out of Hell

The London Coliseum is used to welcoming bats around Christmas time when Die Fledermaus puts in an appearance, but it has never experienced anything like the long-anticipated arrival of the ultimate juke box mu...
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Among Kenneth MacMillan’s many distinctive and famous ballets Mayerling continues to win the highest plaudits, and justly so. More than any of his other full-length works this three-hour masterpiece combines ...
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Don Carlo

There are at least four versions of this late-Verdi opera in print, and any number of variations used in production. So it is important to state that this production used the five-act Italian version sanctioned...
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A Song Goes Around the World

Daniel Donskoy has a multi-faceted identity as actor, singer, dancer, polyglot, and former model with an upbringing spread across Russia, Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom. He makes a virtue of this natura...