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Guild of Students, Birmingham

4.0Reviewer's Rating

100 tells the story of four individuals who are welcomed into death. Plunged into a state of limbo, offered the choice to either choose the memory most dear to them throughout their lives, or suffer dire consequences. After an intense hour of deliberation between the four, one fails to choose his memory and is eternally damned to live in limbo.

This version, directed by Euan Codrington and Connor Whitmore, is slick, powerful and thought-provoking. Having previously adapted the play at school, Whitmore chose the difficult task of recreating a play dear to his heart, and the production whole team and cast delivered a strong aesthetic for 3Bugs Fringe Theatre.

Elliot McDowell’s portrayal of ‘Alex’, a man in conflict as to whether to spend eternity with the memory of his girlfriend or his childhood dream, is particularly touching, whilst still maintaining a comic edge. James Harrington played The Guide who led the characters through their choices, and did so with an innate stage presence and managed to dominate the space throughout.

Whilst the script at some points felt cliché, the use of four bamboo sticks and four black boxes added moments of originality to an otherwise dry text. The cast are able to transform the setting and their characters to portray the complex task of another person’s memory with success. The imagination of the direction deserves commendation here, as the imagery on stage allowed the audience to be transported from mind to mind with ease. Overall, this was an interesting piece of theatre, debating the importance of how and (more importantly) why we hold onto certain memories, and discard others.

  • Drama
  • By Christopher Heimann, Neil Monaghan and Dan Petterle
  • Directors: Euan Codrington and Connor Whitmore
  • Cast includes: Chavonne Brown, Hannah Dunlop, James Harrington, Sophie MacDonald, Elliot McDowell
  • Guild of Students, Birmingham
  • Reviewed by Katie Webster
  • 5 March 2017

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