Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Life According to Saki production by Atticist
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Life According to Saki

Hector H. Munro - otherwise known as Saki - was a late nineteenth century short story writer famous during his lifetime for his whimsical but often mo...
Every Brilliant Thing at Summerhall
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Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing is Duncan Macmillan’s poignant script about coping with suicide: a young boy makes lists for his mother as to the reasons why sh...
Love Lies and Taxidermy at The Roundabout, Summerhall
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Love Lies and Taxidermy

Love Lies and Taxidermy is the best of titles. It’s also a cracking good yarn and beautifully executed in a three-hander by Remy Beasley, Richard Corg...
Milk by Ross Dunsmore.
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Milk, Ross Dunsmore’s new play produced by the Traverse Theatre Company, explores the gamut of affective and sexual anxieties through the metaphor of ...
Diary of a Madman Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
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Diary Of A Madman

Diary of a Madman opens on a chat between two teenage girls. It is a conversation about boys, losing your virginity at the back of a car and Queen Mar...
Greater Belfast, Edin Fringe at Traverse Theatre
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Greater Belfast

A fusion of music, stand-up and spoken word, Greater Belfast is a vivid portrait of a city built on a kind of muck with a particular name: sleech. The...
Expensive Shit, Edin Fringe at Traverse Theatre
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Expensive Shit

Expensive Shit is a powerful feminist masterpiece. Based on real events, the play follows Tolu (Cameron), a toilet attendant, and cuts back and forth ...
4D Cinema with Mamoru Iriguchi at Summerhall, Edinburgh
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4D Cinema

I am Marlene Dietrich, says the man in a pink suit standing in the middle of the stage, with a screen adjusted around his head and a projector aimed s...
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Multiple character roles, lighting quick costume changes and a flair for improvising early 19th century dialogue comprise the extraordinary feat that ...