London International Mime Festival

SIGMA - Gandini Juggling. Photo Andy Phillipson
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Gandini Juggling is an established company that’s made its name experimenting and fussing together circus and dance narratives. This time round Sean G...
Fauna Jackson Lane 2018
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Fauna is an electrifying contribution to the London International Mime Festival 2018. The performance captures the gestures and motions of the natural...
Euripides Laskaridis - Relic
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Relic from the Latin “relinquere,” which means “whatever is left behind”; a proof of existence – creative or destructive, soothing or traumatic, tangi...
ilver Lining's Throwback, photo credit David P Scott
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Silver Lining’s Throwback is a high-spirited circus performance for the whole family. This dynamic emerging circus company showcases a wide range of a...
Dewey Dell - Marzo mime 2017 Barbican
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Dewey Dell – Marzo

Marzo Dewey Dell ‘s  latest creation is a distinctive performance that attempts to blend dancing and Japanese Noh theatre with the manga structure and...
Joli Vyann Imbalance
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Joli Vyann: Imbalance

Imbalance explores the ways in which our lives are interconnected and the moments when we lose touch with one another. Joli Vyann presents a vibrant, ...