Odys Teatr Polski w Poznaniu
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When the doors to the auditorium open to let the audience in, the performance seems to have already begun. On a rotating platform, in the centre of ev...
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In 1818 Mary Shelley published Frankenstein, a novel that tells the story of a young ambitious scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who created a terrifyin...
Ambona Ludu Teatr Nowy w Poznaniu
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Ambona Ludu

Envisioned primarily as a theatrical tale about football fans (and probably football hooligans as well)...
K. Teatr Polski w Poznaniu
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A suited man with a white painted face stands in front of the red curtain wearing an evil grin, describing the dream he recently had.
Rasputi Teatr im. Stefana Żeromskiego
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The plot revolves around the demise of the Russian royal family in the final days of empire.
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Macbeth Mirror

For this performance, the Szekspirowski took yet another shape, as an amphitheatre, created for the audience in the space that is usually upstage and backstage
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As You Like It / Jak wam się podoba

This was the only performance of the main Shakespeare Festival (as against the secondary events grouped under the title Szekspiroff) that was not hosted by the Teatr Szekspirowski...