Circa: Closer

Reviewer's Rating

It’s this time of the year, yet again… The purple cow is… upside down and running; we are wishing for a sunny summer to enjoy our drinks at the brand new pasture and Circa promises to keep us on the edge of our seats and entertained. Since 2004 Circa’s award-winning works have toured in 34 countries. They began working with Udderbelly in 2013 with their show Wunderkammer at the Edinburgh Fringe and returned in 2014 with Beyond, a sold-out phenomenon. The acclaimed circus company is returning with a show commissioned specifically for Udderbelly, for their longest season to date in London.

Circa’s no-frills approach to circus, allows the multi-talented performers to demonstrate their skills, pushing the boundaries of their physical abilities, keeping the audience aaahing, oohing and occasionally ouching, during the performance. Using a length of rope, some chairs and the occasional hula hoop they jump, run, climb, writhe and hang with admirable agility and concentration. Make no mistake, their every move is well-practiced, and their concentration absolute. They are a finely tuned machine or they would never be able to pull this off. Many were the moments during the show I felt a wrong move would result in broken backs and hideously, twisted broken bodies and had to fight an urge to close my eyes.

Hurry for your tickets; it’s awe-inspiring circus!