Circa’s Peepshow

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Circa’s Peepshow is a whimsical combination of a circus performance and a comedy show, all of which is enhanced with its sensual nature. Playing for a limited time at the Underbelly Festival in Southbank, Circa’s Peepshow is a must-see for those who want to be entertained. The show is set in the Underbelly’s ‘Spiegeltent’, which is decked out to look like an old-fashioned circus tent. Mirrors adorn the walls, with the red and yellow tent surrounding the audience. The stage extends out into the audience ensuring that every person has a view of the action.

Photo: The Other Richard

Unlike many circus performances, the audience is watching circus artists who know you are watching them, which adds a different element to the show. With each act that is performed, the cast members engage the audience whom are completely invested in the show. Each act was met with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the crowd, as well as many gasps as the acrobats flung themselves across the stage and into each other’s arms. Therefore, even when mistakes occur, as is liable to happen in an acrobatic performance, the cast members are able to pick themselves up and carry on with the performance.

Jarred Dewey, the cast’s trapeze artist, was particularly engaging throughout the show. During his individual acts, as well as during his assisting roles, Dewey caught my eye several times. He contorted his body in ways that were impressive as well as grotesque – just what one wants to see at a circus performance.

Photo: The Other Richard

In addition to the classical elements of circus, Circa’s Peepshow plays with ideas of sexuality and sensuality. As suggested by the show’s name, ‘peepshows’ play a role within the production. Unlike traditional peepshows, however, the gratification the audience receives is not of a sexual nature, rather it is an admiration for the brilliance which the cast members are able to show. Beautifully combining comedy with amazing acrobatic skills, Circa’s Peepshow leaves the entire audience astounded, and is an attraction that is not to be missed.