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Die Komödie, Frankfurt

Nie Nervensäge is a tale of classic meet cute. Mafia hit man, Ralph (Christian Fischer) books a hotel room for an everyday assassination when through crazy happenstance the room is double booked! And who should be the other guest? A child-like, neurotic, depressed man, François (Markus Majowski) whose wife recently left him. What could have been the meeting of the new Odd Couple instead turns to frustration, accidental druggings, and bungled suicide attempts as the divorcee, who refuses to leave, slowly drives the hitman insane with his antics.

Die Komödie’s newest offering hits the perfect balance of physical and vocal humor without sliding into caricature. An impressive feat when one of the characters stomps around the room in a backpack, in between ridiculous suicide attempts and random operatic refrains. As manic as that may sound, it makes for one amusing play. The supporting cast sets a solid, if not particularly memorable, foundation for Markus Majowski’s perfectly balanced scene-chewing. Ralph’s slow but steady spiral into insanity counterbalances François’ consist level of annoying supplications to his wife’s departure. The two leads work against each other and end up killing the show, if not their target.


Ein Motel In Paris vergibt versehentlich dasselbe Zimmer an zwei unterschiedliche  Personen. Zum einen an einen Auftragskiller der Mafia, Ralph, der noch einen einfachen Auftrag zu erledigen hat, zum anderen, François, an einen depressiven, leicht manischen Mann, der kurz zuvor von seiner Ehefrau verlassen wurde. Komik tritt ein als sich beide weigern das Zimmer zu verlassen und François vermasselte Selbstmordversuche, seine opernhaften Soloeinlagen und seine gesamte Persönlichkeit, Ralph langsam zur Verzweiflung treiben.

  • Comedy
  • By Francis Veber
  • Translated by Christian Wölffer
  • Director: Pia Hänggi
  • Cast includes: Markus Majowski, Christian Fischer, Gabriel Spagna, Dirk Waanders, and Christine Richter
  • Die Komödie, Frankfurt
  • Until 30 April 2017
  • Review by Becca Kaplan
  • 9 March 2017

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