Dinosaur World Live

Reviewer's Rating

If I was between 3 – 7 years old, I would have really loved Dinosaur World Live. As I am 10, the show started to drag a bit for me. Dinosaur World Live is a sort of dinosaur show and tell, presented by the character, Miranda, the daughter of palaeontologists.  The performance is around 45 minutes long and lots information about each type of dinosaur.

The performance also included a fun interactive part. With every dinosaur, a volunteer from the audience was chosen to come up onto the stage to  groom, feed, or tickle it. There was also a dinosaur egg, which everyone had to keep an eye on in case it started wobbling and cracking.

But the thing that made this show so unbelievable was the incredible puppets. Ranging from a huge, meticulously detailed T- rex, to a tiny baby Triceratops, all the puppets were astoundingly lifelike and fully able to move just how you would imagine real dinosaurs would move! These incredible puppets were complete with roaring and snarling noises created by the puppeteers.

Miranda introduced each dinosaur and we had fun listening to her anecdotes about where she came from and how she grew up with the dinosaurs.

Afterwards, those who didn’t get to go up and meet the dinosaurs onstage were allowed to say hello to some in the lobby or on the stage.

I highly recommend this to young dinosaur lovers.

Accompanying adult comments by Catherine Flutsch

Dinosaur World Live is a dream show for very young children.  The 10 year old child I took was a little bit bored.  The actor/presenter, Miranda, does an excellent job of engaging the young audience and introducing the dinosaurs.  The show is made by the skill of the puppeteers and the beauty of the puppets. I noticed that many of the parents brought noise protection headphones with them for their children. It’s something I would recommend if you have very young children or those sensitive to noise. At 45 minutes long, it is just long enough.  If you have children sensitive to crowds, then avoid the dinosaur meet and greet after the show – hundreds of excited and tired little ones lined up to meet the puppets may be overwhelming for some.