We believe that theatres create the living laboratories in which we can examine the ways that people present themselves and their own cultures to others. We also believe that young people have a particular responsibility to take stock of what they see about them and to report their findings to the world at large.

PlaystoSee, which was founded by Rivka Jacobson in 2010, enables reviewers to share their impressions, passions, and judgments on theatrical and other productions.

Reviewing is an art that has to be learned. It involves far more than telling the story of the play and applauding celebrities’ personalities. A reviewer is tuned in to a community or nation, and is aware of the dissonances as well as the harmonies in society. The reviewer notes what is moving or magnificent, reveals what is excruciatingly painful, and shares what is simply fun.

Our website is a registered charity with dedicated trustees. As a lot of our reviewers are students we have facilitators, often associated with universities, who invite reviewers to join us.

The website is necessarily in English. We ask our reviewers in non-English speaking countries to write, in addition to 400-500 words review in English, a summary of it, in the local language. Our facilitators and Editorial Team support those for whom English is not a native tongue. You don’t need a facilitator to sponsor you if you would like just to send in a review. It is essential that your review is objective.

Our ‘Guidelines to Reviewers’ are set out on our Homepage in the dropdown menu of REVIEWS.

We are interested in all forms of the performing arts – drama, musicals, ballet, mime, cabaret, opera and more. While much of our activity is carried out on a voluntary basis, we require financial sponsorship to help us expand our website and underpin our operations.

Contact Rivka Jacobson at info@playstosee.com