Boys In The Buff - The Musical
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Boys In The Buff

Friday the thirteenth is often thought to be unlucky. If that’s so, I must be doubly cursed, for this thirteenth of July falls on a Thursday and yet I...
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The MGM Story

Situated beside what used to be a toll gate, the Gatehouse is a pub atop Highgate Hill boasting good food and an excellent range of real ales from mic...
Devilish a Musical Comedy Landor Theatre
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There's a lot to recommend Devilish which has just opened at The Landor in Clapham. The set is simple, but clever and charming (David Shields, who is ...
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Bette Midler and Me

With a bar and tables, the Studio at St James Theatre is set up for cabaret shows, and last night it was packed to overflowing for a show running for ...
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The Jewish Legends

Downstairs at The Gatehouse is a Wetherspoon pub serving excellent real ale. Upstairs is a ‘fringe’ theatre with refurbished seats, currently hosting ...