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The Mikado

What is the opposite of “turning in your grave”? Because whatever it is that is what W. S. Gilbert is surely doing today. He was the master of gentle ...
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Somewhere a Gunner Fires

The First World War has been widely portrayed as scenes of bloodshed or heroic acts in theatres and films. Nonetheless, Tom Stuchfield's Somewhere a G...
Catherine and Anita. Photo by Dave Walker
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Catherine and Anita

In the beginning, there is only one woman. But she is not alone. Sarah Roy’s powerful one-woman black comedy takes us through the childhood, adoles...
The Beauty And The Beast King’s Head Theatre
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Beauty and The Beast

The play might be based on a children’s movie, but it definitely is a show for adults. From second one, the cast captures the audience with a straight...
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To be woman is to be assessed. Everywhere you turn, people expect things of you; things that, sometimes, you are unable to deliver. A long term partne...
The Chemsex Monologues at The King's Head Theatre, London
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The Chemsex Monologues

This is an evening full of emotionally explosive monologues. The play starts off with tales of romantic and sexy encounters, but soon leaves you devas...
Madam Butterfly - The Kings Head - Photo Christopher Tribble
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Madam Butterfly

The King’s Head theatre welcomes its audience into its intimate space, filled on this occasion with mesmerizingly emotional singing and acting. Stepha...
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Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls, winner of the Adrian Pagan award in 2015, is a tale of affection and female empowerment. Hilda, Stephanie Fayerman, a blind seventy-som...
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F*cking Men

“Don’t you know what ‘no’ means?” “It means that you’re a woman.” Joe DiPietro’s Fucking Men is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1900 Le Ronde, and exam...
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The State vs John Hayes

America shares the death penalty with countries such as China, Iran and North Korea. Lucy Roslyn explores this (as well as issues surrounding women’s ...