Foul Pages Stills LHPhotoshots
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Foul Pages

Foul Pages is no ordinary Shakespeare’s play. Instead of watching As You Like It itself, the audience is transported back to 1603 to witness Shakespea...
Threads The Hope Theatre
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The stage reminds of a post-apocalyptic setting mixed with an untidy student room. The surreal number of cables spanning across furniture and the wall...
Kicked in the sh*tter 5 Stars By Leon Fleming The Hope Theatre
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Kicked in the Sh*tter

We don’t know where the play is taking place and we don’t know anybody’s name. But we don’t need to and you might not even notice until the end. The p...
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In Other Words

In Other Words is a deeply romantic story with a firm grip on your heart. It follows Jane and Arthur’s tragic encounter with the Alzheimer’s disease. ...
Her Aching Heart The Hope Theatre
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Her Aching Heart

Prepare for a hysterically funny evening at the Hope Theatre. The cosy but naughty atmosphere throws you right into the lesbian gothic romance. Lad...
The Worst Was This, Hope Theatre, London
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The Worst Was This

Matte ‘O Brien’s The Worst Was This is an exceptional ‪pièce de théâtre where death and life, love and hate, revenge and compassion are entangled and ...
Piece of Silk The Hope Theatre
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Piece of Silk

Piece of Silk examines the narratives that inform our lives and the stories that we tell others, and ourselves. Reflecting on story-telling as a means...