The Railway Children

  • Children Theatre
  • By Mike Kenny
  • Directed by Damian Cruden
  • Designer: Joanna Scotcher
  • Composer and Musical Director: Christopher Madin
  • Cast includes: Jeremy Swift, Caroline Harker, Serena Manteghi, Jack Hardwick
  • King’s Cross Theatre, London
  • Now booking until September 2015
  • Review by Hattie Bolchover (age 10)
  • 16 January 2015
The Railway Children
5.0Reviewer's Rating

I adored this play.  From the moment I stepped out of the tube at King’s Cross, and I was guided me to the specially built theatre at Kings Cross Station, I was enthralled.

When you enter the venue, you immediately notice lots of people dressed in Victorian clothes, surrounded by Victorian scenery and accompanied by the noises you might have heard in a train station a hundred years ago.  Even before the show had begun, the magic had started.  I even heard someone say “It feels like you’re in the railway”.

The Railway Children tells the sad story of the children in a once-rich family, who suffer terribly once their father is sent away.  At their new house, Three Chimneys, the two girls and little boy try and find ways to amuse themselves.  They remember their journey up to Yorkshire when they moved house, and immediately decide that the railway might be a perfect place for their adventures.  And so the play unfolds.

Sitting centre stage is a genuine steam engine, once used on real rails in London, and today the at the heart of this fantastic play, as it rolls in on the specially created track.

The acting was fantastic.  I particularly liked the way in which different actors narrated the story, whilst maintaining their characters.  Justifiably playing to packed audiences, this is a must-see show.

Tickets please!


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