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Leicester Curve, Leicester

4.0Reviewer's Rating

From the first moment the audience step in to the Studio at Leicester Curve, everyone is involved. This production of Trainspotting invites its audience to actively engage in problems we’re all aware of, but don’t necessarily want to witness.

Mark, a heroin addict (and loveable rogue) is our protagonist. We follow his journey of addiction and withdrawal as the people he comes in to contact with drive his story. Set in Scotland, each character speaks in the melodic tones of a Scot. It is unfortunate at times that the space means phrases are lost and sometimes unclear, as the boldness and clarity of every single actor is without fault.

While at times the plot is a little hard to follow, this does not lessen the efforts of the writing, the acting and the production as a whole. If anything, this merely highlights the talents of the Irvine Welsh’s story, combined with the commitments of the performances and exceptional direction as plot is not necessarily at the forefront of the audiences’ minds, but instead the issues this play addresses. For a 75-minute show to cover so much ground and explore so many stories, it’s a unique vision that can be consistently so high energy and engaging.

Be prepared to be involved in this piece of theatre, both physically and emotionally. Trainspotting Live is bold in every way, and an unrivalled piece of immersive theatre.

  • Drama
  • By Irvine Welsh. Adapted by Harry Gibson
  • Directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher with Greg Esplin
  • Leicester Curve, Leicester
  • Until 17th March 2018

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