Dave Hill: Caveman in a Spaceship

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Dave Hill is a peculiar character with an even more peculiar comedy show.

He starts out by riding into the room on a BMX bike – which is presumably intended to make the audience laugh. His humour can be likened to that of a 13-year-old boy, from his costume to his consistently pervading angst throughout the performance. I’ve never heard someone say ‘thank you’ that many times, which may sound confusing but even more so when you are there.

Having opened for musical acts such as Snoop Dog, it’s no doubt Hill has had an impressive career – and with that, gained a cult following. The audience, who loved every minute of the hour-long show, were an eclectic bunch. Majority of them were men, some looked like middle-aged academics, but most were more like the rowdy group you get at pubs on the weekend. Niche, but accurate.

Moments of interaction with the audience were common, particularly at the start, and it’s probably not a bad guess that Hill has dealt with a few too many hecklers in his time. However, he handled them professionally and if anything, tied it into his performance, further portraying this moody teenage caricature.

The biggest thing going for Hill is his musical skills, on par with talented musicians, displaying the ability to perform some of music’s most complex riffs. Majority of the show was parallel to a singer talking to the audience between each song, although in this case it was filled with repetitive jokes.

Overall, an interactive performance, definitely entertaining but perhaps too satirical that it was overkill at some points. As to where the caveman or spaceship comes into play – nowhere – it just sounds cool.

Starring: Dave Hill

Venue: Soho Theatre, Dean street

Until Saturday 18th May

Running time: 60 mins (no interval)

Review by Sofia Moran