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The Roundhouse

Fashion Freak Show
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Fashion Freak Show is a blast, an explosion of loud colours and unrestrained sexual energy. It spans fashion legend, Jean Paul Gaultier’s personal and professional life. From his childhood as a dreamer to his fashion debut in 1976, the scandalous show brings together Gaultier’s outlandish costumes that reinvented the fashion world. It pays tribute to the British disco and punk scene of the 1970s and 80s, and to those who inspired him in dance (Régine Chopinot, Angelin Prejlocaj), music (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Myléne Farmer), and film ((Pedro Almodovar, Luc Besson).

From the get-go, the large video backdrop is a sensorial feast, featuring comical vignettes of
Gaultier’s long-term friends such as Rossy de Palma, playing his authoritarian schoolteacher,
and Catherine Deneuve, reading amusing names given to the 90s men’s couture show. They
expose some of the hypocrisies of the fashion world, particularly Anna Wintour’s
sycophantic interest in Gaultier only after he found superstardom. Their silly portrayals mock
the serious, just as Gaultier’s avant-garde designs ridiculed the narrow-mindedness of haute
couture, unleashing ingenious, cutting-edge creativity.

If you are after a freaky evening full of disco and funk, mad juxtapositions, and the absurd,
Fashion Freak Show will keep you hot and flustered all night long! You will feel empowered
and proud of your uniqueness because after all, ‘we are all beautiful, le Freak c’est Chic!’

  • Physical Theatre
  • By Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Director: Jean Paul Gaultier & Tonie Marshall
  • Photos by Mark Senior
  • The Roundhouse
  • Until 28 th of August 2022

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