Reviewer's Rating

Gorillas, Gorillas, Gorillas! Polka theatre’s new Gorilla will leave every child (and animal-lover) wide-eyed at all the fun traits it has to offer. Little Hannah, fascinated with the animal, had never seen a real one…till the night before her birthday. As the daughter of a busy father, Hannah’s dreams are crushed when she receives a toy gorilla instead of a trip to the zoo. Going to the bed disappointed, her mind wonders into the night and before you know it, her toy gorilla becomes a real one! He takes her to the zoo, to the cinema and lets her order anything she wants for dinner. Hannah wakes up thrilled at her recent dream and to her surprise, her loving Dad changes his mind and decides to take her out after all—to make her feel like the special daughter she is.

Accompanied by Spanish and classical guitar music, Gorilla is a performance catered to children ages 3-5. With dynamic and interactive sound effects, the stage lights accompany a vibrant tropical scene—a well thought out balance. As the children sit comfortably on the floor, parents are able to sit next to them or right behind them on the seats provided. There are exciting changes of props, spotlights, disco-balls, floating cupcakes and bananas that will consistently grab everyone’s attention. With the family atmosphere that Polka provides, there is hardly a dull moment; whether its laughter or just plain silliness this performance will leave the adult viewer equally satisfied—launched into a world of true comfort.

One of the favourite scenes is Hannah’s dream. Her bed is the forefront of scene change; it becomes a table to eat on, two chairs to sit on and a platform to wave and interact with the audience. Another favourite is the heart-warming ending—when her own father decides to take her out instead of staying home to work. He learns to exemplify the nature of a father gorilla—always looking out and spending time with his young. Touching and very applicable,Gorilla combines the importance family and acceptance in the everyday life of a child.