Kyle Cease Live: Evolving Out Loud

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If Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey had a baby, that baby would be Kyle Cease. If you are into laughing, breakthroughs, and personal development then this show is for you. Kyle Cease Live: Evolving Out Loud is a unique, genre-bending show that brilliantly blends comedy and transformation. You will leave feeling uplifted, amazed, and with a renewed sense of hope for humanity (and yourself).

Evolving Out Loud, a one-man show by Comedy Central headliner Kyle Cease, is designed to help you release old, conditioned, fear-based patterns and guides you to an awareness of your unlimited potential. Don’t let the subject matter scare you into thinking that this is going to feel like emotional heavy lifting. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! Kyle will have you laughing at your own fear in no time. “It’s funny because it’s true” applies to almost every sentence out of his mouth. Kyle is an expert comedian; his subject is the Ego, and there is no shortage of fodder.

Since every show is co-created by the audience, each performance in this limited run will be wildly different. Audience participation is a large part of the show, and Kyle riffs off of everyone: whether you’re a latecomer or the woman who literally took over the show after coming back from a bathroom break. He joked that this is the only show where hecklers get mic’d. But, unlike many comedy shows, there is no mean-spiritedness here, not from the audience nor from Kyle as he dealt with the many interruptions, only people showing courage, vulnerability and love. You see Kyle practice what he preaches and fight his own ego to let go of the idea of the show ‘going well’. And by watching him take his own medicine and choose to love the moment, even the dangerous ones, he inspires you all the more as each one of those moments is turned into comedic gold.

Kyle’s goal is to bring self-help to the mainstream through comedy. He readily admits even he is uncomfortable with some of the woo-woo dogma but he believes that these concepts can make a huge difference in our evolution. He demonstrates this by coaching a single person on stage in the later half of the show through the acceptance of their fears and into a operating from a state of possibility. It is moving to be witness to that journey. His audience was completely open-hearted and ready to take that leap with him. I wonder how the show would be for someone less willing to go on the ride.

At the top of the show the audience buzzed with an intelligent excitement. Many of them knew Kyle through his Facebook and YouTube videos which have racked up over 42 million views. As the show drew to a close, that heady excitement opened up into an ecstatic community of goodwill and love. New friends were made and people were flush with the excitement of their own possibility. But even more wonderful was the understated way that the audience reached out to help those who were courageous enough to speak up. I can’t say this would happen every time, but somehow I feel this might not be unusual for Kyle’s events.