Matt Price: Last Night a Weegie Saved My Life

Reviewer's Rating

Matt Price takes care to warmly greet each audience member as they enter. He opens with a joke about his impending sweatiness at the mercy of such a warm room, setting the tone for an astonishingly candid hour of comedy and storytelling.

Price takes us through six anecdotes leading up to one final story that neatly ties them all together, sharing deeply personal experiences of love, self-doubt and family traumas. He skilfully balances comedy with a refreshingly frank approach to sensitive issues. The titular ‘Weegie’ is his Glaswegian wife who he candidly speaks of as having helped turn his life around. Although the material becomes slightly convoluted at times, he weaves in jokes with an open and amusing sense of hindsight.

He chats a little to everyone on the way out, bookending the show with a note of kindness. His set is a testament to how brilliant stand-up can be a medium for sharing personal life experiences, especially when presented by such a down-to-earth and friendly storyteller. Matt Price is a pleasure to listen to and will leave you feeling as if you’ve just had a nice conversation with an old friend.