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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse  

Midsummer Mechanicals
5.0Reviewer's rating

A trip to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is an exciting experience. I really love the outdoor theatre,  but this production of Midsummer Mechanicals was staged at the amazing indoor theatre, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. This is my first trip to the theatre as a Young Reviewer.  It was thrilling and the performance of Midsummer Mechanicals, was like a midsummer day’s dream come true. Real magic.

This 2022 Olivier Award-nominated family show is based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is a real treat. The story is of a group, known as the Mechanicals, of amateur actors led by one Nick Bottom, trying to stage their first ever play, written by Quince, who cannot really write. Every character is incompetent and naïve, which helps the hilarious confusion.

Midsummer Mechanicals is a refreshing original production aiming to engage audiences of all ages in the comical spirit of Shakespeare.

From the very beginning, audience participation is a big part of the show, which proves to be highly interactive and full of surprises; Bottom the weaver, and his friends, rehearse a play due to be per-formed for the duke and duchess’ wedding anniversary, referencing some of the original story. As Quince’s acting talent tickles Bottom’s jealousy, the two endlessly bicker while Flute tries to get on with things. The fourth performer, Snug, is missing, leaving his part in the play unfilled. His wife Patience is there, though, and helps the three panicking actors with her calm, no-nonsense manner.

The performers are full of silliness as they try to sort out the details of the play, with the arrival of the duke and duchess counted down every so often, adding to their panic. Upon their arrival every-thing goes wrong which builds up the comedy. The audience helps the performers with their play, all the while wondering – who will play the king and what will bottom get as a head?

A fantastic show guaranteed to get children laughing from beginning to end, taking the adults with them.

  • Comedy
  • Based on William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Writers: Kerry Frampton and Ben Hales (with substantial contributions from William Shakespeare)
  • Directors: Kerry Frampton and Lucy Cuthbertson
  • Photo credit: Manuel Harlan
  • Cast includes: Melody Brown (Patience Snout), Kerry Frampton (Nick Bottom), Jamal Franklin (Peter Quince), Sam Glen (Francis Flute)
  • Sam Wanamaker Playhouse  
  • Until:
  • Running time approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes, including an interval

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Tobi is passionate about the theatre and the arts and is taking classes in dance, drama and painting. He is also an avid reader, especially of comics and funny stories. When he isn't playing with his dog Frooki, he can be found playing Minecraft.

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