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Hal and Bee

Every unhappy marriage is unhappy in its own way, and that famous first line might be applied to Max Baker’s play about the disintegration of marriage...
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Vanity Fair

With this production of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair comes the age-old moral dilemma:...
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Drunkle Vanya

Chekhov is bustin’ out all over. Aaron Posner is working on a new Three Sisters after contorting The Seagull into...
The Clearing, 59E59 New York Photo by Carol Rosegg
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The Clearing

First produced at London’s Bush Theater in 1993, Helen Edmundson’s The Clearing is about Oliver Cromwell’s horrific policy of ejecting the Irish from ...
Alice in Black and White at 59E59 Theater
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Alice in Black and White

Before there was Diane Arbus, before Vivian Maier, there was Alice Austen of Clear Comfort, Staten Island.  She had an indefatigable nature and overca...
Radiant Vermin 59E59 – Brits Off Broadway
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Radiant Vermin

As we enter the theater, we get an audial hint of what’s to come with Madonna’s Material Girl.  Playwright Ridley amusingly presses the question “What...
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Sense and Sensibility

Suit the action to the word, the word to the action, Hamlet famously exhorts the players. The vigorous fusion of word and action in Bedlam’s madcap pr...
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Burnished by Grief

A delightfully neurotic tenant who doesn't pay her rent hires a lawyer who rambles on in spasmodic legalese. The fun has only just begun in this gleef...
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Who Left This Fork Here

During Daniel Fish’s interdisciplinary and complex work, Who Left This Fork Here, I was struck by the admonition given to me growing up: Don’t overana...