Elizabeth. Zenaida Yankowsky as Elizabeth. c Robbie Jack
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William Tuckett is not satisfied with the version of Elizabeth I that history so often presents to us: a politician, a statesman, a demanding leader o...
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The curtain opens on the messy aftermath of a house warming party, the clock ticking at 2.45am. Seemingly an odd opening to a play titled Beginning, t...
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From the moment you arrive at The Cockpit, hidden away down the streets of Marylebone, you can be reassured that the evening will provide you with ref...
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The Entertainer

The Entertainer is in danger of becoming a dated play, no longer able to speak to an audience with the explosive energy it must have produced in 1957 ...
Doctor Faustus Duke of York Theatre
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Doctor Faustus

While Doctor Faustus may be one of Christopher Marlowe’s most daring plays, Jamie Lloyd has taken this to a new level with his bold and mischievous ad...
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Wild Card – Botis Seva

Don’t you all want to stay and find out what Botis was trying to say? were the final words I heard as I rushed out of the theatre much later than expe...
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Hetain Patel — American Boy

If you love nothing more than watching impressions of iconic American films, listening to a vast range of American accents, and holding your breath as...
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A View from the Bridge

Stripped down to a brightly lit box, no furniture except for a single wooden chair, the social realism of Arthur Miller’s tragedy becomes intensely po...