The Father review Theatre for a New Audience, Polonsky Shakespeare Center, Brooklyn, New York
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A Doll’s House / The Father

These are two separate plays--the famous early modern Scandinavian ones, by Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg respectively--to which tickets may be b...
Review Harry and the Thief Robert Moss Theater
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Harry and the Thief

This is in many respects a very winning show, an underground sci-fi comic book brought amusingly to life, complete with a swaggery anti-hero on one la...
Jonah Undermain Theatre Dallas
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It’s almost worth going to Jonah just to see how Director Katherine Owens creates a world and keeps it spinning. Jenkin’s version transplants the bibl...
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Villain: DeBlanks SPACE HOLE!

Even this ridiculously winning assembly of Broadway board-trotters could not save it.  The latest edition of Villain: DeBlanks was shooting blanks las...
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The Way West

Thank goodness for The Labyrinth Theater Company and their consistent commitment to socially relevant theater executed at the peak of artistic integri...
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Hughie is a bit of a stepchild in the O'Neill canon.  An hourlong character portrait of a small-time Runyonesque hustler, it's from the same period as...
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Madama Butterfly

Thank you, Fates, for putting us at the Metropolitan Opera on this rare night. Cio-cio-san, the Butterfly character upon whom the entire evening rests...
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Il Trovatore

Missing children, revenge killing, civil war, doomed love—another fabulous night at the Metropolitan Opera. And my word, this is the Verdi opera with ...
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Here’s one measure of success: I left Intimacy fully convinced that I had just witnessed an unusually brave structured improvisation, one where these ...