Jess and Joe Forever, Orange Tee Theatre
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Jess and Joe Forever

Almost anything you want to say about this play is both true and not quite true, or, at least, not true in the ways you first think it is. We see t...
Orange Tree The Philanderer
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The Philanderer

The Philanderer was Shaw’s second completed play, its first version having been written in 1893, following the first performances of Widowers’ Houses....
The Diary of a Hounslow Girl Ovalhouse
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The Diary of a Hounslow Girl

In one sense of the word this is the least spectacular play I have seen for a long time. One young woman, Shaheeda, alone in her bedroom, rages agains...
HMS Pinafore Hackney Empire
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HMS Pinafore

An all male HMS Pinafore. What? Why? This not-to-be missed production originated in 2014 and it is not entirely irrelevant that the hundredth anniv...
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German Skerries

This play would be extremely unlikely to have a hit run in the West End. (I wrote that partly to provoke someone into proving me wrong.) It tells seve...
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The Rolling Stone

This play demands (and commands) absolute attention from its audience. Both acts begin with a beautifully sung hymn—Nearer My God to Thee and As I ...
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The Distance

When this play was premiered at the Orange Tree in October 2014 described as ‘an amazing evening’. This remains the case as it returns with a largely ...
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dreamthinkspeak’s Absent

Shoreditch Town Hall is an attractively imposing Victorian building in the course of being restored as a modestly priced hotel and experimental arts c...
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This astonishingly constructed play lasts a packed one hour and twenty minutes, without interval. Its brevity is audience friendly since the construct...
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Play Mas

Not the least interesting feature of this fascinating and very funny play is that, had it been written by a white man, and was being performed now for...