The Bells Never Burned Brighter (Süßer die Glocken nie brennen)

Reviewer's Rating

Exteriors can be rather deceiving with Showbühne Mainz. Entering an unassuming door and up a small staircase, one would think the theater would likewise be simple and small. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious and inviting theater space. Large and welcoming, much of the space has been invaded by Christmas presents and paraphernalia for the latest production. Süßer die Glocken nie brennen is a creation from the ground up. Written, directed by and starring Sebastian W. Wagner, this Christmas creation has a charming familiarity and passion in spite of its overabundance of special effects. Set in 2718, all data on Christmas has been lost! Commander Christopher Clay der Dritte (Sebastian W. Wagner), astronaut Bruce Leschnikow (LK von Vockamer), android Silly Silke (Tanja Götemann) and alien Swob (Patrick Twinem) search the galaxy for clues to figure out how Christmas was once celebrated. All set to original music, of course, to emphasize the show’s zany and playful nature. Playing a variety of roles beyond their main characters, the four actors help transform the stage into different worlds for the adventurers and audience to explore.

The actors convey great enthusiasm in the production and an intimacy with the audience that allows for genuine interaction and much laughter. The show stumbles occasionally with its desire to use every toy they have and the overuse of strobe and colored lights, fog and disco balls can be very distracting and unnecessary. The production is not particularly polished with some breaks in character or out of sync choreography. However, the genuine joy, relative talent, and clever songs and dialogue make up for some slight stumbles in what proves to be a fun and entertaining interpretation of a Christmas musical.

Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Wir schreiben das Jahr 2718: Die Menschen haben alle Daten über Weinachten verloren. Die Astronauten Commander Christopher Clay der Dritte (Sebastian W. Wagner) und Bruce Leschnikow (LK von Vockamer), die Androidin Silly Silke (Tanja Götemann) und der Alien Swob (Patrick Twinem) durchsuchen die Galaxie nach Hinweisen über Weihnachten und wie es einst gefeiert wurde. Originale Musik begleitet ihre Abenteuer im Weltall. Trotz kleiner Fehler auf dem Weg und zu vielen Beleuchtungseffekten, ist Süßer die Glocken nie brennen eine warme und kurzweilige Interpretation von Weihnachtsmusical.