The Boys from Syracuse

Reviewer's Rating

The Boys from Syracuse, is a story of mistaken identity based on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors and features simple but catchy songs by Rodgers and Hart. The intimate Union Theatre space ensured that the audience remained connected throughout. Yet sit in the front row and you really become immersed in the production.

It has a great ensemble cast, who feed off each others’ energy. The costumes were simple, reflecting the period. Props were kept to a minimum which helped concentrate the audience on the story rather than setting. Similarly, the lighting design focused the audience to the stage.

Dromio from Syracuse (Matthew Cavendish) and Ephesus (Alan McHale) provide the comedy; their relationship, believable. The many entrances and exits helped the element of surprise and spontaneity. So expect the unexpected.

I enjoyed the interlinked storylines between the two sets of twins, which the director explored to the full; evident also when the whole cast came together on stage. A highlight was Aaron Hayes Rogers and Cara Dudgeon performance of ‘This Can’t Be Love’; the chemistry between them was electrifying. Yet this could be said of the delivery of the other songs too.

The chaos towards the end kept the audience guessing. Yet by this time, I didn’t want the production to end. If you like your comedy fast and frantic, get tickets for this show.