The Fag Ash Monologues

Reviewer's rating

The Fag Ash Monologues are written and performed by Patrick Cash, a spoken word artist and compere at Spoken Word London. The production comprises of several diverse character pieces, all united by an LGBT theme.

Among the characters we’re introduced to are a proudly tawdry drag queen, a raving drug fiend and a sexually repressed alpha male. The sketches are deftly drawn: the issues raised are not shoehorned in, but unfold naturally out of the given scenarios. There is comedy here, but also emotional maturity: challenging and unsettling questions concerning homophobia, drug use in the gay community and the rigid cultural demarcation of gay and straight are approached with understanding and insight.

Patrick Cash is confident and assured, taking on all of the various roles. My one criticism is that it sometimes feels a bit in-the-rough, in terms of the staging and general presentation. But given a little expert directorial assistance, this diamond could truly shine.