The Improverts

Reviewer's rating
Go and see The Improverts whose vitality is still blazing as they celebrate their 25th Fringe festival.The Improverts consists of lots of different games (played by five players per night) completely improvised on the spot with suggestions from the audience, who watch in awe as new born ideas circulate on stage. Audience participation and a different combination of players every show guarantees each night is unique. Games include advice panels, the alphabet game, freeze-frames, the slide-show and many more.
The players’ fast wit combined with brilliant acting skills ensures each game is fun; most often hilarious and always interesting. Despite the players acting without props or costumes (apart from a black T-shirt), their sketches are unbelievably visual, whether the scenes are realistic or purposefully unrealistic. This show is pure imagination and there’s something quite special about seeing these imaginations interact before your eyes. Each of the player’s personalities is distinct and it’s very engrossing to watch their different styles.
Highly recommended for probably the most successfully spontaneous show you’ll see at the Fringe.