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Summerhall, Edinburgh

I am Marlene Dietrich, says the man in a pink suit standing in the middle of the stage, with a screen adjusted around his head and a projector aimed straight at his face. The man is Mamoru Iriguchi, the creator of 4D Cinema, a half-performance, half-film production presented at the Fringe Festival. The illusion is made complete by the addition of 4D glasses – but revealing their true nature would spoil half the fun, so I will ask you to believe me if I tell you that it’s a success.

After all, first and foremost, 4D Cinema is an exercise in believing: believing that Marlene Dietrich is there, on stage, in the body of a medium, in all her glamour and red heels; believing that you can rewind time like a film reel, and restore her eternity to a German idol who died in solitude in Paris; believing that the stage is a space where you can see simultaneously in two, three and even four dimensions – with a few tricks.

The balance is a delicate one to conjure, but it works. I wouldn’t want you to think that you should take this too seriously, though – in addition to its poetic quality, Iriguchi’s performance is also full of humour, and you leave the room feeling both moved and light-hearted, and with an urge to go and watch The Blue Angel again.

  • Concept, design and performance by Mamoru Iriguchi
  • Videography/Stage management: Gavin Pringle
  • Co-commission by Chelsea Theatre for SACRED and Frankfurt LAB.
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016
  • Summerhall, Edinburgh
  • Until 28th August 2016
  • Review by Marine Furet

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Marine Furet is a PhD student at Cardiff University. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Modernist and contemporary literature at the University of Glasgow. After a few years spent thoroughly enjoying Scotland’s lively cultural scene, she is now immersing herself in the Welsh theatrical world. She particularly enjoys what her friends call ‘pessimistic political movies’, ‘experimental stuff’, and everything remotely connected to Angela Carter – but will really watch anything from panto to contemporary dance.

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