A Simple Space

Reviewer's Rating

Coming from Adelaide, Gravity and Other Myths is a multi-award winning ensemble of acrobats, neither big top clowns nor death defying stuntmen, but a wonderfully unified group of performers that blend expertly rough and tumble acrobatics with humour and grace.

A Simple Space is a deceptive name and one does not know exactly what to expect. With minimal props and a great use of lighting and percussion, the artists show how much can be done through physical strength alone; jumping, twisting, flying, spinning and exploding around the space. Torsos are offered as jumping platforms and bodies are sent spiralling through space, three artists all connected and intertwined roll across the stage, using each other as support. They can even solve a Rubik’s cube while balancing on a perpendicular pole! It is impossible to describe the complexity and variety of combinations and it would spoil the surprise! Occasionally the audience is called to participate, so be prepared to face the challenge…

A 50 minute acrobat performance could easily fall into a slump of repetition but the group keeps the show interesting from beginning to end, with the occasional nail-biting, jaw dropping moments when one is too scared to look and yet cannot peel the eyes away.

A feat of physicality and co-ordination. Do not miss!