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London MIME Festival 2022

Aurélien Bory’s aSH is the final opus in his trilogy of large-scale solos for unique female dancers. It began in 2008 with Questcequetudeviens? It was...
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Sadler’s Wells, London Gandini Juggling premiered “Spring”, the third part of its dance trilogy, in Cambridge Junction a year back. The first two p...
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Gecko: The Wedding

Renowned physical theatre company Gecko marks its debut at the Barbican with “The Wedding” as part of the line-up for this year’s London International...
Pressure Park Theatre, London -Photo-by-Robert-Day
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If you are a bit of a history buff “Pressure” is the perfect theatre night out. Swift-paced and original, it goes beyond the usual Churchill-centred o...
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The overwhelming sentiment when I left the Barbican after seeing ‘Pluto’ was: “This was amazing but I am exhausted!”. I would definitely recommend it ...
FCBergman 300 el x 50 el x 30 el 03
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300 el x 50 el x 30 el

The Belgian collective FC Bergman has created a surreal performance that sheds a bizarre yet totally captivating light to equally bizarre lives. In a ...
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Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás

Created, directed and performed by Mexican mime artist and clown Gabriela Muñoz, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás” premiered in New York in 2010, and has sin...
SIGMA - Gandini Juggling. Photo Andy Phillipson
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Gandini Juggling is an established company that’s made its name experimenting and fussing together circus and dance narratives. This time round Sean G...
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The Retreat

If you are planning to buy tickets for Park Theatre’s The Retreat hoping to be educated on the merits or demerits of Buddhism you will be disappointed...
What Shadows Birmingham Rep _credit Mihaela Bodlovic
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What Shadows

Towards the end of the swinging 60s, in Birmingham in 1968, a local Member of Parliament gave a speech, which caused a storm that echoes to this day. ...