Albert Einstein: Relativitively

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Albert Einstein: Relativively Speaking, is a hilarious exploration of one of the greatest minds of the twenty first century with the use of science, music and comedy. It begins with a comic interaction with the Albert Einstein as he greets the audience at the bar and invites them for an inaugural lecture at Princeton University.

In the lecture room, he introduces some of his most important scientific concepts such as inertia, gravity and the theory of relativity. He uses volunteers to demonstrate his scientific theories in an attempt to help the audience understand his algebraic equations visually. His eccentricity interrupts the natural flow of the lecture when he suddenly lapses into whimsical anecdotes about his experience living as a scientist and a Jew in Nazi Germany while then breaking into rap.

This play will not only refresh your scientific memory but will also offer you a more personal insight into the life of a man trying to survive in an anti-semitic, dangerous society.