Reviewer's Rating

The programme note said “Suitable for children aged 4+”.  The poster at the venue said “Suitable for children aged 5+”.  As it turned out, the show was eminently suitable for a child aged 68+.  Your reviewer thought it was great!

On the other side of the road from Highgate underground station stands a large Victorian church, now billed as “North London’s Creative Space” – Jacksons Lane.  What space there was in the small auditorium was filled this afternoon with children on their Easter break and parents glad to keep them entertained.  But the parents too thoroughly enjoyed a display of acrobatics, juggling, hula-hooping, miming and clowning performed by two lithe Finns, backed up by a chimpanzee and a banana – the latter being the costumes donned by the two musicians whose sound drove the show along.

Within the constraints of time and space, the performance was a miniature gem.  As well as dazzling displays of skill with juggled balls and whirling hoops, there were more eccentric delights.  Clad in an Edwardian bathing costume, and equipped with flippers and goggles, the tall Finnish man somersaulted into a giant soap bubble blown by the pretty Finnish girl – not your usual circus fare!  There were also unexpected ways to treat a hobby horse …

By the time you read this review, it will be too late to watch the show in London.  It is coming to Cambridge on 15th April, but after that its place is being taken by a much larger-scale show, Super Sunday.  This will be touring the provinces between 20th April and 3rd June, stopping at Bangor, Norwich, Derby, Coventry, Salford, Poole and Huddersfield.  If Around is anything to go by, Super Sunday will be a super treat!