Whisky Galore York Theatre Royal
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Whisky Galore

Sea shanties play as the audience takes their seats in a community hall in 1955. Upstage, a line of chairs is draped with articles of costume and prop...
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The year is 2085. Philip Blackthorn's (Ian Giles) tech enterprise, Legacy, has grown exponentially. Breeding its own race of children, Legacy manufact...
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Soldier On

In the darkness of the York Theatre Royal Studio floor, a lone figure, Rickshaw (Mark Griffin) appears. Staring out into the audience, he begins the s...
Finders Keepers York Theatre Royal
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Finders Keepers

A mother-to-be (Clare-Louise English) finds sanctuary in Mr. Pharaoh's junk yard as she flees from the police. Not that Mr. Pharaoh (also played by En...
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Heads Up

Before the play even begins, the minimalist set of a table topped only with lights, sound equipment, and a pile of notes immediately creates a palpabl...