42nd Street London (c)Brinkhoff-Moegenburg
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42 nd Street

If you should ever see one musical, it should probably be 42nd Street, in some incarnation. It’s about the making of a large-cast musical during the e...
I am Candy You Are Dark Fortune
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I Am Candy You Are Dark Fortune

Considering the grandness and scale of this project’s diegesis, it initially feels as if the creators might better thrive with a hundred-person animat...
This Must Be The Place, VAULT Festival (courtesy of Mathew Foster)
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This Must Be The Place

Down where the faint smell of wet cement meets neatly choreographed graffiti and trains thunder along the map of the underground overhead. Down furthe...
Ragtime at Charing Cross Theatre
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Here we are squeezed into the grand and squat Charing Cross theatre, the sound of a train overhead like thunder, and bang on cue. A fragmented boardwa...