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Little Shop of Horrors

Sheffield University Performing Arts Society (SUPAS) is well known throughout Sheffield for its high standard, visually and audibly stunning musical p...
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Because I’m Not Perfect Yet

SUTCo is fast becoming an influential force on the Sheffield theatrical scene, by championing original pieces of theatre written by young adults and s...
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Unfortunate – the Musical

I am constantly amazed and impressed by fringe theatre and what can be achieved with a simplistic set and costume when the acting and concept are so s...
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Baby Face

Katy Dye is absolutely unflinching in her one woman exposition of the tandem infantilisation and sexualisation of women in contemporary media and wide...
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Baba Yaga

“Lisa is running from someone, or something. Who, or what it is, she can't quite tell. All she knows is that in the daytime it lurks around every corn...
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The Merry Wives of Windsor

Shakespearean comedy meets The Only Way Is Essex – with a dash of EastEnders. Though these elements do not seem natural bedfellows, let me assure you ...
othello Everyman Playhouse, Liverpool
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When I heard that the Liverpool Everyman – a theatre close to my heart and home - was putting on a production of Othello in which the protagonist was ...
‘The Turn of the Screw’ The Mercury Theatre Colchester and Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.
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Turn of the Screw

Some might think that The Turn of the Screw – originally written by Henry James in 1898 – is as unadaptable as it is outdated. It is, indeed, a diffic...
RSC 2018 Hamlet Tour Photo Manuel Harlan
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It is often hard to do Hamlet – first performed around four hundred years ago, and one of Shakespeare’s most enduringly popular plays – in a new and e...