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Frankenstein’s gripping story of hubris, humanity and revenge has captured the imagination since 1818. The majority of dramatic adaptations focus on t...
Raising Martha Park Theatre
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Raising Martha

A new piece that fits the farcical fashion of twisting and warping a familiar concept, Raising Martha is a fine comedy that takes the traditional host...
Flesh and Bone Etcetera Theatre, London
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Flesh and Bone

Very Berkoff, and very charming, Flesh and Bone is a masculine, pulsing, in-yer-face tribute to the East end inner-city poor. The show chucks five ...
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Trainspotting is one of the largest cultural icons of the 1990’s, a ferocious, unflinching and rambling account of heroin addicts in Edinburgh. With a...
Robin Hood London Wetland Centre
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Robin Hood

British Summertime rears its contrary head once again, and London’s open spaces are tentatively starting to stage open-air theatre in all its glory, i...
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Repetition, mutation, evolution. puts language, delivery and gesture through four human components to create an ever-flowing process that is intricat...
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On the Edge of Me

To tell a tale that’s true, even when it isn’t, with charm, depth and humour is an impressive thing. On the Edge of Me is the tale of Remi (Yolanda Me...
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Rules can be bent for special cases, but at what point do those rules have to start applying? And why can those rules be bent? That is one of the many...