Bette and Joan: The Final Curtain

Reviewer's Rating

Bette and Joan: The Final Curtain is a hilarious revival of the infamous relationship between two of Hollywood’s greatest icons, Bette Davis (Sarah Thom) and Joan Crawford (Sarah Toogood). It depicts the tension that existed between theses two actresses through their mock humour and on going bitching. However, underneath the surface lies a darker truth in that both women despite of all their fame and success we learn have had to deal with difficult personal lives. The way in which these crucial moments are delivered is very moving as both actresses come to a mutual understanding of the terrible things they had to do in their pursuit of their fame.

The set is particularly impressive in its innovative use of video as a form of communication between Hedda and Louella, the women running the after life. Crawford is sent to bring Bette Davis to the other side but much to her horror, finds Bette still alive and kicking. She is unwilling to leave earth and seems determined to live but as she comes to realize how she is no longer what she used to be, finally decides to join the after life. This play is a fantastic piece of comedy that will leave you thinking about these two women in both a light-hearted and more serious way.