Blanca Li Dance Company – Robot

Reviewer's Rating

The beginning of “Robot” by Blanca Li Dance Company was interesting as the dancers slowly came on stage and started to dance in sync. I really loved the part when the robots came on stage as, in my point of view, they were adorable and amusing. It made me laugh when a couple of the robots fell over and tried so hard to get back up and to catch up with everyone else, making us think that no one is perfect, not even the robots!

The idea of humans dancing with robots was great as it shows the two sides of life: one with technology and one without.

The dancers had danced beautifully throughout the show without a single mistake. They were brilliant, every single one of them. It was wonderful to see how they were so connected and smooth while they were dancing. The costumes suited every scene and the robots were lovable!

Some musical instruments were cleverly put in the background and they too were robots. They played themselves and created some lovely music, which was very impressive. They were very unusual instruments but very nice, they had odd shapes and made funny noises and that’s what made them a fabulous addition to the show. It was significant to see how the dancers danced to the beat of the music, made by the bizarre robot musical instruments. The dancers danced with the flow of the music very professionally and the performance was wonderful.

I enjoyed the show overall as there were hints of comedy in it with graceful dancing included in most parts. To me, the meaning of this performance was that no one is perfect, not even robots.