Don Giovanni

Reviewer's Rating

This was an absolutely amazing, sophisticated, breathtaking opera production, definitely one of the best in recent memory at the Tel Aviv Opera House. It was a perfect combination of the work of so many people, either on or off stage, each having a unique contribution to an unforgettable experience.

First and foremost the soloists, most of them in their debut at The Israeli Opera house: Palle Knudsen was a very persuasive Don Giovanni with his voice, dramatic skills and look. A ruthless hedonist, self assured, he was at his best in both his macho and vulnerable moments. Bravo! Joining him with excellent performances were the three leading female leading roles: Ekaterina Bakanova as Donna Anna, Celine Byrn as Donna Elvira and Anat Czarny as Zerlina. The same can be said about Guido Loconsolo, as Leporello, the ironic right hand of Giovanni, Mariano Buccio as the Commendatore and Daniel Giulianini as Masetto. It is a rarity on stage when all soloists, with no exception, excel to such
high levels.

The other important ingredient of the success of this evening was the visual one – the set design and, even more so, the video work of Luke Halls. Mozart would have certainly loved it. It adds new levels of interpretation to the story, psychological insights and hints about the plot, all without one spoken word. Brilliant!

Daniel Oren electrified the orchestra and the stage as he usually does, doing justice to Mozart’s phenomenal score. All in all – don’t miss!


Sung in Italian with English and Hebrew subtitles