Gotta Sing Gotta Dance

Reviewer's rating

Gotta Sing Gotta Dance tries to take the audience on a journey through the world of the musical theatre. This challenge is met, but not as effectively as it could have been.

The show is basically a medley of musicals. The performance lasts two hours, and includes singing and dancing scenes from different musicals in several different styles. This performance also includes a West End tour, in which the performers offer a three minute medley of scenes from all of the West End musicals of the moment. But although the performances are impressive, unfortunately the show has no overall story despite some humorous moments and some information about the musicals themselves.

Yes the show fulfils its promises. Its 60 songs, 105 costumes, 50 dances, are of high quality. Both the singers and the musicians performed the music very well.

The main drawback was the lighting. The lighting itself was quite good, but too often during the show the lights were late or not centred on the performers. Also the music was sometimes too loud and the singers’ microphones were not powerful enough and so we heard the music rather than the singing.

Apart from that it must be said that the performers—singers, dancers, and tap-dancers– are excellent, and are to be applauded.

All told, it’s a nice show to see despite its annoying technical problems. You can feel the happiness of the audience and the performers alike despite the fact that there is no story whatsoever. However in the end it might be best to see the musicals on which the show is based, or at least to listen to the cds of those shows.