84 Charing Cross Road UK tour
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84 Charing Cross Road

There are certain things Amazon just can’t do for you, not even with Prime membership. I can’t imagine, for example, having a 20 year correspondence w...
Sasha Regan's all-male Iolanthe 2018
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I rightly raved about ENO’s new Iolanthe back in February. Director Cal McCrystal’s laugh-a-minute makeover turns this 1882 Gilbert and Sullivan story...
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Duet for One

Tom Kempinski’s Duet for One, stars Belinda Lang (Stephanie Abrahams) and Oliver Cotton (Dr feldmann) in a poignant, two - man play. It is about a bri...
The Best Man - (c) Geraint Lewis
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The Best Man

There are not many plays around right now that get to the heart of the tensions and conflicts of the political process in the way that, for example, I...
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The Mikado

Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic masterpiece is all but Teflon coated in its ability to withstand whatever ‘concept’ is imposed upon it. It must theref...
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You may’ve heard of gaslighting, the form of psychological abuse where a perpetrator persuades their victim, typically a spouse or partner, that they ...
La Strada Richmond Theatre
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La Strada

The heyday of Italian neorealism in cinema lasted only a few years but its legacy can still be felt today. Thanks to the genius of Roberto Rossellini,...
Brideshead Revisited by English Touring Theatre at Richmond Theatre
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Brideshead Revisited

I'm going to start by saying that this production was exactly what I wanted. I absolutely adore Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited as it is so rich, ...
King Lear Richmond Theatre
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King Lear

The Richmond Theatre’s wonderful ‘King Lear’ opens with discord:  the fragile but steely-eyed Cordelia (Beth Cooke) enters the bare stage alone and fi...
Clybourne Park , Richmond Theatre
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Clybourne Park

After fifteen minutes of this play I was thinking that it was a bit like an old US TV sitcom but with worse jokes – an extended and unfunny riff on th...