Reviewer's rating

When the protagonist of our story, an outcast fairy called ‘Fairy’, meets an odd man in the forest one day, she is immediately swept up in an ordeal with the royal family and their sleepless baby, Rose. We watch as this spirals into a hilarious rendition of sleeping beauty from Fairy’s point of view, filled with messages of inclusivity and some great one liners.

In my opinion, something that really sets this performance apart from other productions is it’s sheer quality on so many levels. With another cast, the script has a possibility to fall short in terms of comedy, however these actors and actresses brought it alive with just enough energy for everyone to understand their message, however not so much that it all becomes over the top. The set design also matched the fantastical energy of the show throughput the entire performance.

Walking into the theatre, I quite frankly had no expectations as to what I was about to see. Looking around me, the audience covered a wide age range and interacted with the actors to create a great atmosphere as a whole. I loved how they managed to create something with a concept traditionally for younger people, a fairy-tale, and made something so fun for all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend for anyone