Le Récital des Postures

Reviewer's Rating

Exploring the human body, Yasmine Hugonnet is alone on stage, no music, no décor, nothing. Her long dark hair hiding her face, she slowly changes from a position to another. Dissolving between weak and powerful positions, the audience carefully watches, waiting for what comes next.

After a while, she slowly removes her clothes, pushing them off stage and dancing for the rest of the show completely naked. Revealing herself entirely and showing her face for the first time, she plays further with movement as each posture changes the way her body looks. From Egyptian statues to a crucified Jesus, although many interpretations are possible, she explores more primary almost tribal poses.

Although a 50-minute-long silent show can seem dreadfully long, her bold performance is breath-taking, each pose is extremely well thought and composed like a painting. The show is certainly unique and captivating. Focused on her breathing, the silence creates space for the audience to truly consider the beauty of the human body.