Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Club Nights

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Ding dong the witch isn’t dead, she’s back, this time governing a ludicrous yet outstanding club night.

Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Club Nights is a spin-off of the cabaret sensation that Matt Tedford and James Seabright have created of the Iron Lady. The highly entertaining bop celebrates 80s hits surreally enhanced by cheesy interludes featuring one of politics’ most hated figures.

Accompanied by two dancing men in cut-offs, Tedford’s commitment to the role is brilliant as he interacts with the clubbers, singing along and bringing people up on stage for a dance-off. Although his accent doesn’t quite match the precision of Meryl Streep’s raspy diction, he is fantastically entertaining to watch if, by some obscure attack of the sillies, you find yourself tiring of dancing to the decade’s most glorious tunes.

As a cracking offshoot of Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho, Queen of Club Nights is a must if you miss the 80s, support mine closures or just need a mood-boosting boogie.