Reviewer's Rating

The world premiere stage adaptation of Terry Jones’ “Nicobobinus” provides a truly entertaining  family musical adventure of secret gardens, palaces of gold, mountains moving like oceans, pretty friendly dragons, and an extremely versatile  scenic structure with very clever lighting projections which can be transformed into a Venetian bridge, a boat, or a castle depending of where the stories takes us!

“Nicobobinus” is a boy “who can do anything”, and when his missing forearm is replaced by an unflexible and heavy structure of gold, he is ready to do anything to have it removed, and this leads to the most epic and wild adventure with her best friend Rosie.

The narrative follows the structure of a mythical tale and is as such very engaging, including Monty Python-esque wit, intense drama, and sentimental moments.  To get cured of his golden curse, Nicobobinus has to fight against kidnapping pirates and savage nine-foot monks, and he does this with inspirational courage and excitement.

Moreover, Eilidh deBonnaireoriginal musical compositions are very engaging, and provides an opportunity for the cast of five actor musicians to show their multiple talents, as they all play at least three instruments, can sing to perfection, and even perform instrumental acrobatics. Their performances also demonstrate outstanding acting and compelling stage presence.

A truly original and imaginative show not to be missed.