One Man Breaking Bad

Reviewer's rating

In this one-man marathon, One Man Breaking Bad, Miles Allen extracts the powerfully original characters that form the hit television series and weaves them into a mini monologue, transporting his audience through all sixty episodes, with his ‘Jesse Pinkman’ playing the trusty narrator. As a result, the tragic highlights from the show become coloured by Pinkman’s cynical, biting interpretation and perspective. Further, Allen regularly steps out of the Breaking Bad narrative to showcase his oeuvre beyond the crime drama.

Allen should be commended for his tireless energy- even in the face of some technical issues. His love for the show exudes throughout, and he is met word for word by the committed fans that make up the majority of the audience. Some of his impersonations, such as Jesse Pinkman and Walter, Jnr. are so uncanny; it is as though the very characters are in the room. His impersonations outside the Breaking Bad catalogue are equally accurate, weaved skilfully into his script. Allen’s physicality should be equally applauded, as he switches from one individual to another with a nonchalant ease. However, some of his impersonations are more illusive, and (whilst granted his audience never expects a spot-on version of Skyler or Marie), they are very basic.

Frivolous and fun, the problem with One Man Breaking Bad is that the energy of the hour plateau’s once Allen has showcased his best impressions. Ultimately, the variance in quality might leave one wanting to simply curl up at home, and watch Breaking Bad itself.