Pretty Woman

★ ★ ★

The iconic romantic comedy ‘Pretty Woman’ has been transformed into a musical. Arguably a difficult challenge.

An enviable story of a prostitute falling for a rich entrepreneur, who takes her shopping and keeps her settled in the penthouse of the Beverly Wilshire. Luckily for her, he’s also a kind hearted soul who can give her everything she could ever want, and even listens to her opinion! What’s not to love?

This performance stands out significantly for its skilful utilisation of the script. The script, thoughtfully adjusted and enhanced for comedic effect, maintains a striking resemblance to the original film, thereby keeping its integrity. This clever adaptation ensures that all the beloved and memorable lines resonate with the original audience. Moreover, the ensemble cast seamlessly integrates into the plot, introducing more prominent characters with cleverly added humorous personalities that were not present in the film.

Accompanying the script, a whole new score, that despite not being the most memorable compared to other film-turned-musical such as Matilda, facilitates the exposure of an inner dialogue not seen in the original film. Amongst a talented cast, stands Natalie Paris (playing Kit de Luca), with extraordinary vocal capabilities that blow away the audience. ‘You and I’ stood as a catchy number, including an exceptional opera performance as well as elements of instrumental rock. The understudy, Sydnie Hockell, played Vivianne with the same subtlety of tomboy spirit that Julia Roberts brought to the role, only with impressive vocals to accompany. As for Edward, Oliver Savile showed the necessary charisma to have the audience at his feet.

The thoughtful incorporation of backlighting in this production addresses a common shortfall experienced in live stage performances, especially in the realm of musicals. It brings forth an added layer of intimacy that is often overlooked, contributing significantly to the overall experience. This subtle yet impactful choice proves particularly effective in heightening the suspense during romantic scenes, where characters share more intimate moments. The result is a tasteful portrayal that remains faithful to the narrative while elevating the emotional resonance of the performance.

Overall, the audience are served some classical musical performances, with a talented cast. However, this production will only boast a three-star rating as one has to ask themselves: Is it mind-blowing? Not particularly. Slightly underwhelming? Maybe. Cheaper just to watch the film? Definitely.


UK Tour Until 28th September 2024

Direction and Choreography by: Jerry Mitchell

Music by: Bryan Adams and Kim Vallance

Based on Film Created by: Garry Marshall and J.F. Lawton

Cast includes: Amber Davies (understudied by Sydnie Hockell), Ore Oduba, Oliver Savile

Running time:  Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (including interval)