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Crazy Coqs, Live at Zédel, London

Crazy Coqs, just a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus, is an ideal venue for cabaret, allowing the desired intimacy and rapport between audience and singer to flourish. With brazen insouciance, the delectable Miss Roberts definitely struck the right note. She is not only stunning to look at, she can really sing as well. And her interactions with members of the audience were naughty, and quite hilarious.

Randy Roberts is, of course, a man, but he is no pantomime dame. He is really gorgeous. In an interesting video clip we saw him applying his make-up – secrets of the boudoir indeed!  He did wonderful impersonations of Bette Midler and Cher, as well as taking on the persona of a raunchy redhead. The songs are splendid, the costumes are lovely, the humour is as salacious as one could wish.  Miss Roberts really is a drag queen par excellence.

The highlight of the evening for me, though, was the final number, sung in Miss Roberts’ “normal” voice, and this time with serious intent. It was a very powerful rendition of that famous tear-jerker from Phantom of the Opera.  It had this cynical old reviewer in tears anyway.

I can give no more than a flavour of this great performance. One and a half hours went by very quickly. You will need to be quick too if you want to catch the show. It will be worth it!

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Richard McKee is a lawyer, and used to be a judge, but despite that (or because of that) he likes comedy, cabaret and pantomime.  These are the things that he reviews for Plays to See, for which – in view of his great age – he is also a trustee.  He leaves the serious stuff to the young!  But seriously, though, he thinks it is a great idea for young reviewers to hone their critical faculties and communication skills by writing for Plays to See, and feels privileged to be involved in its current expansion.

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